Cute Squirrels

Even Cute Squirrels Don’t Belong in Your Home

We might be coming up on the Valentine’s Day holiday, but there’s nothing cute about a squirrel taking up residence in your home. As adorable as they might be to look at from the window as they scurry around the yard they can actually do a lot of damage if they find their way into…

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winter home

It’s Nearly Winter, and Wildlife is Moving In

With the cold weather coming on, animals are beginning to look for places to den for the winter. Your home – particularly your attic – is ideal for this purpose. Unless your attic is completely impenetrable (and no attic is), you may find yourself with unwanted residents from time to time. To prevent costly damage…

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attic dark creepy

What’s Making Spooky Noises in My Attic?

Just in time for Halloween, there’s something in your attic making noises. Seasonal fears aside, it’s probably not ghosts and goblins. It’s more likely to be birds or rodents which (in their own way) are just as scary to a homeowner. Probably scarier. After all, what self-respecting goblin chews through your electrical wires? It’s That…

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