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Follow These Helpful Tips

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When raccoons, skunks and squirrels invade your home it’s time to contact a professional animal removal expert. However, if you follow some helpful tips you can animal-proof your home to ensure that no critters can sneak in through the basement, attic or windows. Small animals often take refuge in warm homes and commercial buildings and once inside it can very difficult evicting them. In some cases it can be very dangerous to attempt to remove the animals yourself since raccoons, skunks and squirrels are known to carry rabies and will bite if threatened.

At Anderson Wildlife Control we want you to feel safe in your home so we offer some helpful tips for making your home inaccessible for curious little critters.


Check Doors & Windows

Spring and summer is when most animals will come out of hibernation and begin mating. Of course, spring and summer is also when homeowners put in screen doors and open windows so it is important to check your home thoroughly to ensure there are no rips or tears in the screens that can be used by an animal as an entrance. If you do notice a screen window or door has been breached search the home for any sign of an animal and immediately replace the screen. Also, refrain from leaving garage doors and back doors open for long periods of time especially if you are not home, to prevent skunks and squirrels from finding their way into your home.


Take Away Bridges

Raccoons and squirrels are very adept at using trees and branches to gain access to the roof of a home. Once on the roof they can find numerous ways into the home including uncapped chimneys, broken vents and other openings. Be sure to remove any branches that hang too close to your home and if necessary have tress cut down that act as bridges for small critters to get on your roof.


Don’t Leave Garbage Outside

Many people get in the habit of putting their trash out the night before pick-up. This is not recommended since it is an open invitation for small animals to dine on your leftovers. Once animals know you like to put your trash out they will make a habit of returning. Wait until the morning of trash pick-up to put out garbage cans and recycling bins since most critters operate at night and are less likely to risk confrontation in the daylight.


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