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Bats can be a nuisance if they get into a house or attic. They can fly around, make noise, and leave droppings, or guano, everywhere that can have a foul smell and can make people sick. Bats can also carry rabies, which makes them potentially dangerous to humans and pets. For this reason, you should not try to capture or get rid of bats yourself. If you have bats in your attic at your home in Woodbridge, Connecticut, you should have a professional get rid of them. Anderson Wildlife Control is experienced in bat exclusion.



We will inspect your attic to find out the species of bats living in your home. This is important information because different species of bats have different seasons when they give birth and hibernate. We will search your home to identify the entry and exit points the bats are using. Bats can squeeze through even tiny holes, so it is important to locate all of the ways that they are getting into your house.

Bats should not be trapped, but rather should be excluded. This means that all but one of the entry points should be sealed off and that the bats should be allowed to fly out and prevented from returning. We can use a one-way exclusion device, such as a cone or netting, that will allow the bats to fly out of your home but will keep them from flying back in. We will then seal off the last entry point.

We will use humane methods to exclude the bats from your home. We do not harm any of the animals we remove. We use environmentally friendly methods and never employ poisons or pesticides.

Once the bats have been excluded from your home, the area where they were living will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Guano can cause health problems in humans if it is inhaled, as well as a mess and a terrible odor that you don’t want in your home.



If bats are living in your attic in Woodbridge, you should call the experienced professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control right away to have them excluded. Bats can create health risks for humans and can also make living in your home unpleasant because of the smell. You should not try to catch or exclude bats yourself. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control today for professional bat removal in Woodbridge, Connecticut.


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