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Squirrels Becoming a Problem?

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Squirrels are a common problem for home and business owners throughout Connecticut. If squirrels are causing damage to your building in New Haven, contact the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to have them removed and the damage repaired.

We use humane, environmentally responsible methods to live-trap squirrels and remove them from areas where they are a nuisance. Our methods do not include the use of poisons, pesticides, or other chemicals. Squirrels are never harmed by live-trapping. They will be captured safely and humanely and relocated to an alternate location a safe distance from your New Haven, Connecticut home or business.

Anderson Wildlife Control has seen firsthand the damage that squirrels can cause in their search for food and shelter. They can damage aluminum siding and vinyl soffits, pull down gutters, and damage chimneys. We can perform the carpentry work that is necessary to repair this damage and seal the entrance that the squirrels used to enter your home to prevent them or their friends from getting inside in the future.


Contact Trained Professionals To Help With Squirrel Removal

If squirrels are causing a problem at your New Haven home or business, the best way to deal with them is to have them removed by trained professionals. Anderson Wildlife Control has the experience to humanely capture and relocate squirrels from your property and make the repairs necessary to get your building back in the shape it was in before the squirrels arrived. We can take preventive steps to keep squirrels out in the future and provide a written guarantee for our work. Contact us today to discuss your squirrel problem and let us help you find a solution.


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