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If you live or work in Branford, CT and notice the recurring presence of skunks it may be time for professional skunk removal. In Connecticut skunks are prevalent but because of their shy and quiet demeanor they rarely come into contact with people. Yet even without being visible skunks can cause significant damage to a home or office and if a skunk does cross paths with a homeowner or pets in the home, they will act defensively and use their infamous odor weapon. Safely and humanely removing skunks from homes, schools and offices in Branford is essential to having a safe and healthy environment.



While skunks rarely pose any physical threat to humans their presence often includes scratched, chewed and damaged wood including floorboards, attic walls, decks and roofs. Skunks will cause damage with their initial entry and then will follow this up with more damage as their comfort level increases. The more at home a skunk feels the better chance it will mate, nest and breed in your home and then you have multiple skunk problems. Safely and humanely trapping skunks and removing them from the premise is the best way to get rid of skunks. Homeowners are warned not to attempt handling skunks on their own. It is best to contact an experienced skunk removal specialist who knows how to handle these critters without triggering the odor response.



Though skunks are not known for being aggressive or nasty, they are animals fighting for survival and will act accordingly if they feel threatened. Relatively small and lacking predatory skills skunks have only one defense, but it’s a good one. Skunks use two glands on their backside that produce a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals that create a noxious odor that can make some animals and people physically nauseous. Skunks are also a risk for rabies and while this disease is curable in people it is still fatal in pet dogs and cats. If your home has pets and they encounter a skunk they could be in for a terrible experience.


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