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Squirrels Becoming a Problem?

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If your yard has trees, it also most likely has squirrels. While they can be cute to look at, squirrels can be problematic if they get into an attic, chew on siding, pull down gutters, or cause damage to a chimney.

Squirrels frequently cause problems for homeowners in Stratford, Connecticut. The damage that squirrels cause can be extensive and can be costly to repair.

If squirrels are causing damage to your Stratford home, you need to take action to get rid of them as soon as possible. Once they get into your house, squirrels will not leave on their own, and the damage they cause will only get worse.


100% Humane & Environmentally Friendly

You should not use poison or try to catch squirrels on your own. Poisons are not only hazardous to squirrels, but they can also harm pets that ingest them. Catching a squirrel or any other wild animal yourself is risky because you can get bitten or scratched.

The best solution to your squirrel problem is to call the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control. We have the experience and knowledge to safely and humanely live-trap squirrels and remove them from your property. We will take them to a location a safe distance from your house so they will not return.

Our methods are humane and environmentally friendly. Squirrels are never harmed by live-trapping and relocation.

We can even repair the damage the squirrels caused to your house. We fix problems with roofs, siding, chimneys, and gutters for homeowners throughout Connecticut. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control today to deal with the squirrel problem at your Stratford home before it gets worse.


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