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Squirrels Becoming a Problem?

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Squirrels often cause problems for homeowners in Orange, Connecticut. The animals chew their way into attics, damage aluminum and vinyl siding, pull down gutters, and cause damage to chimneys. This destruction is frustrating to property owners and can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair.

If squirrels are causing a problem at your Orange property, the first thing you need to do is to get them out before they cause even more destruction. You should not try to trap a wild animal such as a squirrel yourself. An inexperienced person can get bitten or scratched.


Call The Professionals From Anderson Wildlife Control

The best way to get rid of problematic squirrels in Orange is to call the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control. We will safely and humanely live-trap the squirrels and relocate them to another location a safe distance from your Orange home to keep them from coming back.

Anderson Wildlife Control uses humane methods that never result in any injury to the squirrels we remove. The traps we use are safe and approved for this purpose. Our methods are also environmentally friendly. We never use any poisons to get rid of squirrels, so there is no danger to the environment or to your pets.

If squirrels have caused damage to your Orange home, you need to take quick action before the problem gets worse. Once squirrels move into your house, they will not leave on their own. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control today so we can set traps to capture the squirrels and move them to another place far enough away that they will not be able to cause any further damage to your home.


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