Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Connecticut Home

Raccoons are familiar neighbors to anyone who lives in Connecticut. Whether you live in the country or in the suburbs, chances are that you’ve seen these masked critters in your yard, perhaps even raiding your garbage can. While this is a nuisance, it can be easily solved with better fastening and storage of your trash…

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Squirrel Removal Services to Bring Peace to Your Home

Squirrels are somewhat forgotten creatures. Here in New England, they run about through our yard and streets without giving much bother to human neighbors. Seeing a squirrel scurry around the yard or across the roadway doesn’t evoke the same emotions as seeing a skunk or raccoon passing through. Still, squirrels play some important roles in…

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Cute Squirrels

Yes, Squirrels Are Good For a Few Things

If you live in Connecticut, then you’re likely no stranger to squirrels. They seem to be everywhere, after all. We all know that they forage for nuts, and occasionally end up in our attics and chimneys. If you’ve had to deal with a squirrel problem in your house, you might be quick to wonder: are…

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What Happens to Captured Wildlife?

As humans encroach upon wildlife habitats to construct buildings and roads, animals are left with fewer and fewer places to go. That often leads to situations in which homeowners find wild animals living in their attics and sheds, rummaging through their trash, or eating pet food left outdoors. If you have found yourself in a…

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