Squirrel and Skunk Activity Increases in the Spring

Spring isn’t only a time for rain showers and windy weather. For some of the animal population, it’s also high time for breeding, leaving hibernation and even scurrying to stockpile a food supply. For this and many other reasons, we’ll be interacting a lot more with 4-legged creatures of the outdoors as the weather warms.…

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Squirrel Facts You Should Know

It seems that squirrels are virtually everywhere, from rural areas to suburban backyards to city parks. Even though people see them almost every day, there are some interesting facts about squirrels that many people don’t know. Squirrels Bury Food and Steal from Each Other Squirrels bury acorns so they can retrieve them later. That strategy…

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beaver in pond

The Benefits of Beavers & Their Dams

Beavers are amazing creatures. Often referred to as nature’s “engineers” by wildlife experts, these overgrown rodents spend their time building a fortress of trees, twigs, mud and stone. If you’re wondering why beavers build dams in the first place, then you’re not alone. Why Beavers Build Dams Like us humans, beavers want a place that…

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mother opossum and babies on a branch

Opossum Under Your Deck? Here’s What to Do

If you have an opossum under your deck, then you’re certainly not alone. Many people have had to deal with this issue too. The good news is that opossums are quite harmless. Still, they can be pesky. So, what’s the BEST way to get rid of opossums from under your deck? Hire a professional to…

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Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Connecticut Home

Raccoons are familiar neighbors to anyone who lives in Connecticut. Whether you live in the country or in the suburbs, chances are that you’ve seen these masked critters in your yard, perhaps even raiding your garbage can. While this is a nuisance, it can be easily solved with better fastening and storage of your trash…

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Squirrel Removal Services to Bring Peace to Your Home

Squirrels are somewhat forgotten creatures. Here in New England, they run about through our yard and streets without giving much bother to human neighbors. Seeing a squirrel scurry around the yard or across the roadway doesn’t evoke the same emotions as seeing a skunk or raccoon passing through. Still, squirrels play some important roles in…

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