Molehills In The Garden Path, Mole Problem

How to Get Rid of Skunks and Moles

Skunks and moles often dig up the ground in people’s yards looking for something to eat. Skunks can take up residence under decks and sheds and inside garages, while moles can look for shelter in wood piles and other areas.  If wild animals are creating a nuisance, you might be able to deal with them…

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When Raccoons Return to Visit

Raccoons often seek shelter inside Connecticut homes and cause significant damage. If you had raccoons in your house and they have left, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem has been solved. They might come back. How Raccoons Can Affect Your Home and Family When the weather turns colder, raccoons frequently scratch and chew through…

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The Squirrel Eats The Nut From The Palm Of His Hand In The Park.

Wild Animals in Your Home? Don’t Panic!

During the winter, wildlife seeks refuge from cold temperatures, snow, and ice. While many find shelter in trees and other outdoor locations, some look for warmth and safety inside people’s homes. If you discover that wild animals have moved into your house, you don’t need to panic, but you should act quickly. Signs That Wild…

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Common Wintertime Critters That Get into the Home

During the winter, wild animals need to find shelter to protect themselves from frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and wind. Houses are ideal. Animals frequently find small gaps and squeeze through them or create openings by chewing and scratching through the siding. These are some of the species that are most likely to take up residence…

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How to Tell if a Skunk Has Rabies

Skunks are a common sight in many cities and towns in Connecticut, but they are also wild animals. If you see a skunk on your property or near your home, it’s important to know whether the animal is behaving normally or if its behavior is abnormal. Skunks can carry rabies, so if you see one…

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Where Do Raccoons Sleep?

Tips to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Home

Raccoons are some of the most intelligent animals in the world and can be quite crafty when it comes to getting what they want. They’re known for going through garbage cans and snacking on pet food, and they also have sneaky ways of breaking into homes—especially as we’re moving into cooler fall weather.  The raccoon…

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