halloween bats

Are There Bats Living in Your Home? – Halloween Edition

It’s Halloween season, and bats are everywhere. But while we might enjoy the decorative ones that hang amongst the Halloween decorations alongside the pumpkins, the ones living in our attics bring less joy. Bat infestations are a problem for many homeowners. They’re a hard-to-solve problem, as well: they can sneak into small areas, and accumulation…

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Spooked by Scary Animal Noises in Your Home?

We’re in the Halloween spirit here at Anderson Wildlife so we wanted to make a fun post talking about the spooky, creepy side of our business. We get calls from clients who don’t know what animal or creature is invading their home and can only describe the creaky noises and pitter-patters on the roof. Our…

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baby Squirrel

Fall Season Means Squirrel Work for Wildlife Removal

The fall season has arrived here in Connecticut. While we all enjoy the beautiful foliage and cooling temps it’s also the time of year when homeowners and businesses will see an influx of squirrels making their way in and causing issues oftentimes. Here’s a closer look at how squirrels may invade, signs your home could…

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