baby bat laying on a piece of carpet

What to do about Bats at Your Connecticut Home

In Connecticut, we share the state with a fascinating array of wildlife. While most of us appreciate them in their natural environment, we do NOT appreciate sharing our homes with infestations of them. Bats are one of the more common attic pests in Connecticut. What Kind of Bats Are In My Attic? While it may…

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raccoon wandering through yards with ears up

How to ‘Uninvite’ Raccoons from Your Garage or Shed

You’re on your way to work, and you enter the garage early in the morning only to find it’s been ransacked. Was it thieves? Perhaps, if they’re thieves who eat garbage and leave paw prints. It’s still winter in the northeast, and it’s not uncommon for “uninvited guests” such as raccoons to move into garages…

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skunk scared with tail straight up

What You Need to Know About Skunk Mating Season

It’s nearly spring, which means it’s time for green grass, crocuses and…mating wild animals.  While you might normally be inclined to leave wild animals to their own business, it’s hard to ignore when the animal is a skunk. Mating skunks can leave skunk smells all over your property throughout the spring from initial contact to…

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