Get Rid of Nuisance Squirrels in Your Connecticut Home

Did you know if you live in Connecticut the likelihood you’ve had a squirrel in your home is pretty high? According to DEEP, most homeowners in the state have made complaints about grey squirrels that have entered their home and are unwanted. The issue is further compounded by the fact that these squirrels are very…

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How to Remove Raccoons From Your Property Humanely

Many people agree that raccoons are cute, but that doesn’t mean that they’re very pleasant to have around. They are curious animals who often rummage through garbage, decks and yards for food and shelter. If you know where the raccoons’ nest is, then there are ways to scare them off safely and humanely.  The trick…

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skunk in lawn

Get Rid of Skunks Grubbing on Your Lawn

A lot of the topics we cover here on the blog relate to assistance with getting unwelcome critters out of your home. No one wants to live with raccoons in their roof or bats! But sometimes, these animals can be a nuisance on the exterior of your property too! Take skunks for example. In addition…

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October is Bat Appreciation Month

Happy October! Here at Anderson Wildlife we love this time of year. Not just because the temps are starting to cool in Connecticut, but also because it’s a busy time of year for critters and home activity. It’s also Halloween season (who doesn’t love candy and trick or treating?) and more importantly – it’s Bat…

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Tips for Bat-Proofing Your Home

Bats play an important role in the ecosystem. They consume large numbers of insects that can be a nuisance to humans and that can spread diseases in some cases. When bats get into houses, however, they can cause problems for people who live there. Bats can be much more than an annoyance or an inconvenience.…

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National Wildlife Day!

Today is National Wildlife Day. We love this day because we love wildlife. We practice safe and humane removal steps to ensure you and your home are safe and also that the animals are removed in the safest way possible. Each September 4th, animal lovers take a day to admire nature and the animals in…

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