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Squirrels Becoming a Problem?

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Woodbridge has plenty of wooded areas and this means lots of squirrels. These cute rodents with the fluffy tails are rarely a problem for humans until they find their way into your home. Once squirrels gain access to your roof it’s only a matter of time before they start poking around the attic and being to make a mess. Squirrels are also known to cluster in basements, under decks and even in sheds and garages and if you notice these medium-sized rodents hanging around your home in Woodbridge it’s time to contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.



Unlike some pest control companies that use chemicals and pesticides to get rid of animals, we provide 100% green solutions that involve safe live-trapping. Chemicals and pesticides not only harm the environment but can also bring illness to pets and even humans. With our humane live-trapping you get rid of the squirrels in a manner that is safe and clean. Squirrels are not a threat to humans and rarely carry rabies so there is no need to kill these animals when a simple eviction and relocation will do.



Though squirrels are not dangerous to humans they can definitely be destructive to your home. From roof shingles and gutters to attics and decks squirrels may cause significant damage to your home if left unchecked. Where there is one squirrel there are bound to be others and once they feel safe in your home they will waste no time chewing through wood panels, beams and floorboards. At Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC we offer carpentry work, aluminum siding repairs and chimney capping to help repair the damage done by squirrels on your Woodbridge home. Don’t let squirrels ruin your home, contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC today for safe squirrel removal.


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