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Squirrels Becoming a Problem?

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Wild animals such as squirrels seek out warm and safe places to make their homes over the winter and often choose attics in houses. Homeowners in Middletown frequently have problems with squirrels chewing and clawing their way into their houses and building nests in attics. Squirrels can cause significant damage to roofs and siding in their attempts to get into a house and can cause further destruction once they get inside by chewing through items stored in attics and leaving behind waste.

If a squirrel has invaded the attic in your Middletown, Connecticut home, you should take immediate action to get it out. It has probably already caused damage getting in, and the problem will only get worse the longer you allow it to stay.


Let The Professionals Do Their Job

Don’t try to trap a wild squirrel yourself. A frightened animal can become aggressive, and you could get injured. Trust the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control. We have the experience to safely live-trap a squirrel that has gotten into your attic and will relocate it to another location far enough from your home to keep it from coming back and causing you more trouble.

Anderson Wildlife Control uses safe, humane, and environmentally friendly methods to live-trap and relocate squirrels. We never use any poisons or pesticides, so there is no danger to the squirrel or the environment. We offer a 100 percent green solution to your squirrel problem.

We can also repair the damage the squirrel caused to your home. Whether it chewed through siding or roofing shingles to get in or pulled down your gutters, our team can fix the damage and seal the entry point to keep other squirrels from getting into your house in the future.

If a squirrel has gotten into the attic in your Middletown house, don’t wait to take action. The longer you wait, the more destruction the squirrel can cause. Don’t try to take matters into your own hands. Trust the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to safely and humanely live-trap and relocate the squirrel away from your home.


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