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Located between West Haven and Milford on the Connecticut shoreline is the small town of Orange. Conveniently located between the Wilbur Cross Parkway and I-95, Orange is a busy community with a lot of traffic. However, cars and trucks aren’t the only thing crowding the Orange landscape. This area is also known for large and active populations of bats, squirrels and raccoons. If you own a home or commercial building in Orange and are having trouble keeping these critters out of your space, contact the expert animal control team at Anderson Wildlife Control.



Many people choose to live in Connecticut for its scenic beauty. In addition to gorgeous forests and sparkling shorelines, the Nutmeg state has plenty of wildlife for nature lovers to watch. However, when raccoons, squirrels and skunks start to encroach on your property and invade your home it’s time to put a stop to their activity. The longer you wait to evict small animals from your home the more comfortable they will get. This can lead to skunks and raccoons making nests in your attic and giving birth to offspring. Once these critters are comfortable it can be quite a fight to get them to leave.



Homes are not the only places raccoons, bats and squirrels like to explore. Offices, factories and warehouses are also at risk for being a safe haven for curious critters. While your home may only have a few people and some pets to protect, a work place can have hundreds of workers that don’t need to be worrying about animals scurrying around the building. Animals, even small ones such as skunks, can prevent serious health hazards and if one happens to be rabid you can be looking at a dangerous situation and possible lawsuit. Keep you office safe by contacting Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC today.


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