skunk scared with tail straight up

Skunk Control & Removal Services Throughout Connecticut

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Since 1993, Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC has humanely removed and excluded unwanted skunks from both residential and commercial properties throughout New Haven County and beyond. If a pesky skunk is giving you headaches, then we can help!



To skunks, there’s no difference between commercial and residential properties. Both types of properties offer a place for them to escape the outdoors, which is good for them, but bad for you. We understand the importance of trapping and relocating live animals safely; therefore, when you trust us to get rid of skunks for you, you get the peace of mind knowing that we’ll do everything in our power to remove them without doing them harm.



Not only can we help evict skunks from your property, but we can also install screens on your deck, shed, or attic that will deter skunks from barging in again in the future.


Give Us A Call At 203-758-0555 To Get Started

Humane Animal Control

  • Safe Live-Trapping
  • No Pesticides
  • No Poisons
  • No Chemicals
  • 100% Green Solutions
  • (Connecticut state law prohibits relocating skunks.)

We’ll Fix The Problem

  • Deck Screening
  • Attic Screening
  • Shed Screening
  • Neutralize & Deodorize
  • Carpentry Work