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Smelling Skunks in Wolcott?

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Northeast of Waterbury is the quaint Connecticut town of Wolcott. Part of New Haven County, Wolcott has a population just over 16,000 and is a popular location for people who like to enjoy the quiet life. However, with the peace and quiet of seclusion come curious critters including skunks, squirrels and raccoons. Since Wolcott is a scenic and rustic location it is teeming with wildlife and if your home or office is being harassed by small animals it is time to contact the professional animal control specialists at Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.



Everyone knows what skunks are capable of. Even if you have not been the victim of a skunk spray you no doubt have smelled the noxious odor they can produce. Skunks are small animals and don’t have the ability to inflict much harm on people or other animals. What they do have though are incredibly foul smelling glands that they use to ward off threats. The spray of a skunk can last for days and if your home or pet is sprayed it can be very hard to get rid of the terrible smell. If you notice skunks encroaching on your property or office you need to be proactive and contact a trained animal control professional. Trying to control skunks on your own is just asking for trouble and a quick spray is all it takes to ruin a room in your home or office.



Before you start talking about how cute squirrels are with their bushy tails, remember that these animals are rodents and have the ability to carry rabies. While it is highly unlikely that a squirrel will attack or bite a human there is always the possibility of unknowingly alarming one and then things can get ugly real fast. Squirrels know no boundaries when it comes to scavenging and will invade homes, offices and trash cans to find food. Many times people will lift a trash can and be startled by a fleeing squirrel. If the squirrel feels threatened it will protect itself and may possibly bite. If you have trees on your property expect to see squirrels. However, if squirrels start to lurk nearer your home or you hear them scurrying about the attic you need to act fast.


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