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Are Skunks Giving You Problems?

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Skunks are mostly known for their familiar black fur with white stripe and their unique defense mechanism that includes a foul odor emission. However, skunks are also known carriers of rabies in North America and also have a reputation for causing significant damage to homes, garages, tool sheds and decks. Skunks prowl homes in search of food and shelter and the more inviting your place is (open garbage cans, poorly protected crawl spaces and open doors) the more skunks you will encounter.


If your home or office in Stratford, CT is experiencing problems with skunks it’s time to take action. The longer you wait the more comfortable skunks will become and it is not uncommon for skunks to mate and breed in attics and basements. Getting rid of skunks is crucial to enjoying your home and being productive in the workplace. When you spot skunks lurking around garbage cans and dumpsters or hear their claws scratching the attic floor at night, contact an animal removal specialist. Handling skunks on your own can be dangerous. Though not known for violent behavior, a skunk will defend itself when cornered and if you notice a skunk stomping its feet and making a hissing noise this is warning sign that it is about to spray.



Once you get skunks out of your home or office it is important to prevent them from making a comeback. Like many small critters, skunks have a habit of returning to places they found accommodating and it’s not unusual to humanely remove skunks only to have them return. When the home or office is skunk-free take preventive measures that will help keep skunks out. Putting screens around the foundation of decks and sheds will form a barrier that takes away a skunk’s main access to your home.


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