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The only mammal that is capable of true flight, bats are amazing creatures that have an extensive mythological history that has led to the fear many people have of these relatively harmless critters. From vampire movies and Dracula to actual vampire bats and the cave dwellings bats inhabit there is plenty to be wary of when it comes to bats. However, bats are not mystical and magical, they are small critters that can be found all over Connecticut and sometimes are reported in people’s homes and office buildings.



Most bats are nocturnal and become active around twilight. You will rarely see bats during the winter as many bat species (there are nearly 1,000 different types of bats) spend up to six months in deep hibernation. When active in the spring and summer bats operate on a fission-fusion social structure that includes large congregation of bats (sometimes up to a million in a single cave) and other bats choosing to live solitary lives. Bats use a sophisticated sonar navigation system to fly at night and communicate with other bats. Refining their ability to recognize objects and shapes by the use of sound wave echoes, bats have evolved into fascinating nocturnal mammals.



While bats are traditionally found in caves and mountains it is not unusual to find bats in the attic of a home or top floors in office buildings. If you live or work in Southbury, CT and find unwanted bats in your home or office your first step should be contacting an animal removal specialist who has experience removing bats. Trying to handle bats on your own can be a precarious situation and though these critters are relatively small they are known for carrying rabies and if cornered expect bat to fight his way out. If the bats have taken up residence in your attic, close off access to it. You don’t want small children or pets stirring up the ire of bats so keep bat infested areas closed off until an animal removal specialist can arrive.


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