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Squirrels Becoming a Problem?

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Squirrels may seem cute with their fluffy tails but when they get near or in a home they can be quite a nuisance. While squirrels don’t pose any real danger to humans and are rarely rabid, they tend to make themselves at home in attics, basements and wood sheds and can be very messy when they start to gnaw on beams, floorboards and furniture. If you have a squirrel problem at your home in Wallingford, CT contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC for humane and effective squirrel control.



If you live near wooded areas, squirrels are simply a fact of life. These medium –sized rodents are mostly found in trees where they spend a large portion of their time gathering nuts. Squirrels can breed once or twice a year and give birth to multiple offspring after three to six weeks. Early spring is their harvest time and squirrels are in a rush to grab buried nuts before they sprout and are no longer available for squirrels to eat. When spring arrives in Wallingford expect to see plenty of squirrels roaming your backyard. Though squirrels rarely bother humans they will take advantage of an opening in your home and find comfort in attics and basements. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC today to get rid of unwanted squirrels.



At Anderson Wildlife Control we not only provide humane, safe live-trapping of squirrels but can also help fix areas of the home that squirrels may have damaged. Squirrels are known for hopping onto roofs and this can mean damage to gutters, chimney caps and even the siding of your home. In addition, we offer preventive sealing to help ensure squirrels don’t return. With over 19 years experience removing squirrels from Connecticut homes we have the skill to safely rid your home of squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other critters that may be lurking around.


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