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Fall Can Influence Wild Animal Behaviors

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Many people choose to live in New England for living because of the changing seasons. While this produces a beautiful range of scenery it also influences the behavior of wild animals including skunks and raccoons.


The Seasons Determine Where They End Up

Each season these critters will acclimate to the climate and find the best place to call home. During the winter and summer it is not uncommon to find these animals approaching your home to escape either the cold or the heat. And while spring and fall are not extreme in terms of temperature, each has its own weather trends that cause animals to seek shelter. When autumn comes to Connecticut it is a busy time of year. Animals, including squirrels and skunks, sense that winter is coming and will start to prepare. These critters will begin to stake out places they can retreat to when the temperature drops and it is often a home or garage that attracts their interest.


Fall Is The Season To Watch For

During the months of September, October and November you should pay close attention to the activity around your home. Now is the time to watch for skunks, squirrels and raccoons who will be scouting out locations for the upcoming winter. If you notice these critters edging closer to your home you need to take the necessary steps to keep them from getting inside your home.

Though the temperature may be mild, fall can bring a lot of rain and certain animals will seek refuge in a home, shed or garage. Though these stays are not as long-term as a winter visit it can lead to animals becoming more comfortable in your home and this is a problem. If squirrels, skunks and raccoons feel comfortable then they will become bolder with their actions and may even begin mating in your home.


Take the time to inspect your home

Use the fall season to gauge the tendencies of the wild animals in your area. Take the time to inspect your home and fix any areas that make for easy entrance including cracks, holes in vents and torn screens. Clean out attics and garages to make it less inviting for a wild animal. These critters prefer clutter and the less of a mess you leave the less comfortable they feel.


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