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Skunks can be problematic because of their tendency to spray people or pets when they feel threatened. They will often make their nests under porches and decks because they are easy sources of shelter. If a skunk has made its home on your property and you want to get it to leave, here are the best steps to take.


Skunks Will Leave Nest For Food

A skunk will need to leave its nest to go out in search of food. Put talcum powder or flour on the ground outside the entry point that the skunk used to get under your deck or porch. When it leaves, it will make footprints in the powder. If there is just one skunk living under your house, you will know that it is gone by the footprints. If you believe there are babies living under there as well, you will have to wait until the whole family has left.

Once you are confident that all of the skunks have left your porch or deck, you can take action to keep them from going back. Put up a barrier with wire mesh, fencing, or another sufficiently strong material to cover any openings.


Tactics To Discourage Skunks

You can use other tactics to discourage skunks from making their home under your porch or deck in the first place or to encourage them to leave if they are already there. Skunks prefer darkness, so installing lights can be an effective and humane deterrent. Some people also place a radio set to a talk station near the house to keep skunks away.

Anderson Wildlife Control can humanely trap and remove skunks on your property. We use safe and environmentally friendly methods that cause no harm to the animals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get rid of skunks on your property once and for all.


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