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If you are like most homeowners the attic is not a primary concern. Maybe you use this area for storing old furniture and stuff the kids leave behind when they move out but attics are very popular locations for bat colonies. Often getting in vying the vents and other air currents, bats will choose an attic to develop maternity colonies, where females gather to have their young. Since young bats are dependent on their mothers during the first few weeks, bat colonies will stay in your attic and can create a messy situation as well as causing a danger to pets and children since bats are known to carry rabies. If you have bats gathering in the attic of your Connecticut home, follow some helpful tips to get rid of these critters.


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You should never try to handle bats on your own. Not only are bats known for rabies but they rarely travel alone and if you make trouble for one bat, expect others to arrive quickly. Bats instill fear in many people and the idea of being swarmed by a bat colony can make anyone’s heart race. If you believe bats are gathering in your attic call Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC for professional removal.


Seal Home Openings

Bats get into attics via vents and air ducts that are not well sealed. Bats are also known for being able to squeeze into tight spaces which mean cracks in roofs and gutters can also be entryways. By doing a thorough inspection of your home exterior you can identify where bats may be coming into your home and where you need to seal. Check for streams of sunlight coming into the attic during the day and also feel for air currents that will alert you to where the openings are.


Know the State Requirements

Getting rid of bats isn’t as easy as you may think. Some states have laws and regulations regarding bat species and if you simply try to swat these critters away you may be in violation of the law. Before you take any steps to ridding your attic of bats, check with the local authorities on the rules and regulations. You are better off not getting involved; rather contact a professional bat removal specialist who will know the laws and provide the most humane and effective bat control service.


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