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Keep Skunks Away From Your Home

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When you are waging a battle against skunks, think of it in terms of field position. The closer skunks get to your home or business the easier it is for them to get inside. However, if you have the right deterrents you can keep skunks away from your home.

At Anderson Wildlife Control we have years of experience helping Connecticut homeowners and business owners keep their property free of pesky critters including skunks. Here are a few tips you can use to help prevent skunks from inching closer on your property.


Cut off Food Supplies

Skunks are known for eating just about anything and the more opportunity you give a skunk to feed the more likely he will continue coming back. If you have a pet dog or a pet cat feed them inside so there is less chance of food being left outside near your home. If you have a birdfeeder, remember to empty it at night to prevent skunks from creeping closer to your home.


Remove Hiding Spots

Skunks love to borough in places that are hard to find them. Wood piles, compost heaps and other junk can be a very welcome place for a skunk to build a den. If possible, remove any pile that can be used for hiding and if you can’t remove it cover it securely with a heavy duty tarp so skunks can’t get inside.


Don’t Leave Trash out Overnight

rash cans are open buffets to a skunk. No matter how secure you think your trash can is, skunks, squirrels and raccoons will surprise you with their ability to get inside. Instead of taking the trash out at night, consider waking a little earlier and putting the trash out just before pick-up time.


Fence off Gardens

If you enjoy maintaining a vegetable garden you can bet skunks will enjoy it too. Do your best to keep skunks and other critters from getting into your garden by surrounding it with secure fences or netting that will prevent skunks from feasting on your vegetables. You may also want to use repellents such as coyote or fox urine pellets to may skunks think a predator is lurking nearby.

Once skunks get into your home it can be very hard to remove them. The best way to avoid having to deal with skunks is to keep them from encroaching on your property. If skunks are getting close and you need help in ridding them off your lawn or out of your home, contact the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.


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