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Does Your Chimney Have Unwanted Guests?

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During the winter in Connecticut, homeowners often enjoy relaxing in front of a warm fire. Animals are also seeking warmth in the winter. One place where many of them look for shelter is in a chimney. An animal living in your chimney is a dangerous situation that can create a fire hazard, as well as a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if a vent is blocked. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep wild animals out of your chimney.



Birds often build nests on top of the smoke shelf or damper on top of the fireplace. Chimney swifts create nests on the sides of the flue liners. Sometimes several birds build nests in a chimney at the same time. This can obstruct the flow of flue gases and can create a fire hazard. You can keep birds out of your chimney with a stainless steel chimney cover with a screen.



Bats seek out dark places to live, and a chimney is a good choice. It can be difficult to keep bats out of a chimney since they can squeeze through tiny spaces in a bird screen. You can install a top-sealing damper and cap to completely seal off the flue.



Squirrels sometimes build nests inside chimneys. They often create large, tightly-packed nests that can create a fire hazard. Squirrels can open dampers and enter houses. You can keep squirrels out of your chimney by installing a heavy-duty stainless steel chimney cover.



Raccoons also sometimes make their homes inside chimneys. They can be kept out with a heavy stainless steel chimney cover. Steel and aluminum covers are ineffective because raccoons can tear through them easily.



If a wild animal is living inside your chimney, you should not try to trap it yourself. Frightened animals can become aggressive, and some carry diseases. Call the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to have an animal removed from your chimney. We will trap the animal and relocate it to another place far enough from your home that it will not come back. We can also recommend changes you can make to keep animals out of your chimney in the future. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control to get an estimate for wildlife removal services in Connecticut.


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