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How To Rid A Home Of Skunk Spray

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If a skunk finds his way into your Connecticut home, you need to be very careful. Any movements or loud noises that startle this animal could lead to a devastating spray that will render your home a stinking mess. In addition to leaving your home smelling of skunk spray, the residue can lead to a burning of the eyes and if the smell is bad enough even upset stomachs.

At Anderson Wildlife Control we have years of experience humanely removing skunks from homes and businesses in Connecticut. If your home is victim to a skunk spray, here are some tips for getting rid of the odor.


Make sure the skunk is removed

Once the skunk has sprayed the damage is done but if you do not remove the skunk from your home it is quite capable of spraying again. Contact a professional wildlife expert to ensure that the skunk, and any others that may be lurking, are safely removed. Also check under the decks and in the attic to make sure you have rid your home of skunks.


Air out the Room

Isolate where the skunk sprayed and close the doors to that room. Then, open the windows and use fans to air out the room as best as possible. Unfortunately the only thing that will eliminate a skunk spray is time but the more you act to air out the room the better.


Burn Candles and Incense

Find aromas that are strong and set candles and incense around the room. Keep these items lit as long as possible and continue using for as long as it takes to mask the skunk smell.


Wash & Deodorize

If the room that is affected has a carpet it is strongly recommended that you have the carpet professionally cleaned. You should also consider a professional cleaning for any furniture in the room. If there are clothes that were in the room when the spray occurred, wash as soon as possible. Also, set up room deodorizers and try using air sprays to combat the odor.

Skunks don’t pose much of a physical threat, but their spray can be an annoying and lingering problem. Again, do your best not to alarm or scare the skunk and try to get a wildlife removal expert to your home quickly to have the skunk removed before he uses his spray.

At Anderson Wildlife Control we offer affordable and humane animal control services to commercial and residential clients throughout Connecticut.


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