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Lets Keep Your Garden Clear Of Pest Animals

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To a wild animal, a garden is like a free restaurant. All the food they could possibly want is right there for the taking. If you have a garden you have probably seen squirrels, skunks and raccoons sneaking up to the edges in search of something to feast on. The problem is, most of the time these critters will wait until nightfall to venture into the garden and then do their damage. Not only will these animals eat your plants and flowers, they will also make a mess of the grounds.

If you want to keep your garden clear of wild animals this summer, follow a few tips that will ensure they keep their distance.



One of the best ways to keep deer, raccoons and other wild animals from rummaging through your garden is to construct a fence around the perimeter. Chicken wire is a good material to use since it is the appearance of the fence that often discourages animals from getting any closer. In some cases a few daredevils may try to poke through the fence and it is a good idea to do periodic inspections of the fence to make sure no areas have been breached. You can also find deer netting made from UV treated polypropylene that attaches easily to metal or wood stakes and acts as a deterrent for wild animals.


Fox & Coyote Urine

Nothing will scare off smaller animals than the scent of their predators. Raccoons, skunks and squirrels come to recognize the scent left behind by foxes and coyotes that mark their territory with urine. If you sprinkler animal repellant granules around your garden that copy the urine scent of a fox or coyote you can ensure small critters will think twice before venturing into your garden.



If you have a dog or cat, let them do the work for you. Although not as intimidating as a coyote, a determined dog or cat can be the best way to prevent other animals from getting into your garden. Dogs and cats will mark your yard as their territory and if they see other animals, such as rabbits and squirrels poking around they will jump at the opportunity to remind them who is the boss around this house. Your dog or cat doesn’t have to be particularly big, just brave enough to defend his territory.


Wildlife Control

If these methods don’t keep animals out of your garden you can always contact a professional¬†animal removal specialist. Trained to humanely remove and exclude wild animals, these experts are adept at ridding gardens of unwanted critters including skunks, raccoons and squirrels.


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