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Need To Learn How to Avoid Squirrels In Your Home?

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Squirrels are fairly harmless animals for the most part. One of the most common of the small outdoor critters, squirrels may not pose much of a threat to humans but they can definitely be a problem for your home, garden and property. Squirrels are scavengers by nature and this instinct leads them to poke around and inspect unfamiliar territories. In suburban areas with trees it’s highly likely squirrels will be around your home but as long as they are not in your home everything should be fine. However, if squirrels find it safe to rummage through your garden, enter the house through the attic or scurry through the walls they will be hard to get rid of and can start to cause damage to the home and garden. Here are a few tips for keeping squirrels safely out of your home.


Squirrel Proof your Home

The first thing you need to do as a concerned homeowner is make sure squirrels don’t have easy access into your home. Leaving the garage door open at night, ignoring holes in the attic or gutter and not checking the foundation for evidence of entry will leave your home at risk for squirrels. Curious and clever, squirrels are very adept at finding their way into a home and if you make it easy for them they will take advantage of it. Spend some time walking around your home and checking the roof to check for signs that an animal has been chewing on the wood or digging around the foundation. If there are holes you need to patch those up quickly and also consider adding durable screening to porches and decks to deter squirrels from entering your home.


Keeping Gardens Safe

Another popular area for squirrels are gardens. Full of free food and shelter, a garden is a home away from home for a squirrel and once inside he will begin to gnaw on plants and flowers and eventually ruin your garden. Keeping squirrels out of a garden entirely is very hard to do but you can screen in certain areas that will prevent squirrels from getting at rare and delicate plants. Some gardeners have had success in keeping squirrels away by using hot sauce and pepper powder on certain plants. Squirrels are not fans of hot and spicy food and you may be able to discourage squirrels with the right pepper spray.


Do Repellants Work?

Many people ask if repellents exist that can discourage squirrels from coming near a home or garden. While there are some products on the market that are designed to keep small animals away the success rate is not that great and most have to be used repeatedly since rain and wind can make some repellents useless. Your best repellent option is actually an aggressive pet. A dog or cat that enjoys hunting will instantly establish their territory and it will be open season on any squirrels that try to invade. Another trusted repellent is a professional squirrel removal specialist who has experience in relocating squirrels from residential and commercial property.


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