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Raccoons Need To Move Out Of Your Home?

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Living in Connecticut, you are certainly familiar with the raccoon. This pesky little animal is frequently spotted in towns across the state and while most of the time raccoons keep their distance, there are times when these critters will encroach on your property and in some cases even enter a home or building. It is important to identify the presence of raccoons and contact professional help to have these animals removed since raccoons are known to carry rabies and are also prone to sifting through trash.


Raccoons Usually Show Themselves At Night

Raccoons are often nocturnal but that can create a number of problems. No, you won’t have to worry about a gang of raccoons approaching you or your family when you are outside during the day but these animals are infamous for scurrying about at night in search of food. Often they make their presence known by rummaging through trash cans left out at night. To prevent raccoons from returning to your driveway keep a tight lid on your trash cans and consider not putting the trash out until the morning, right before pick up.

When the weather gets cold some raccoons will look for a warm place to stay. A home or office basement or attic can be very inviting to a shivering raccoon. If your home or office in Connecticut has easy entryways for small animals, such as tears in floorboards or ripped siding, it will be very easy for raccoons to make their way into the building. Once inside it can be very difficult to get raccoons to leave. Approaching a raccoon will certainly elicit defensive behavior and thought not know for being the aggressor, raccoons will absolutely claw and bite if threatened.


If You Have Raccoon Problems…

If you have raccoon problems in your Connecticut home or office don’t attempt to remove these animals by yourself. Your safest move is to contact a trained animal control specialist who has experience dealing with raccoons. Call as soon as you spot raccoons in your home or office. The longer you wait the more comfortable the raccoons will get and over time more will join the group. This can lead to mating and young raccoons being born in your home which will make the raccoons even more defensive when encountered.


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