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When the weather starts to turn cold in Connecticut you can expect some unwanted guests in your home. Small critters including raccoons, squirrels and skunks will be seeking shelter from the cold and if they see an opening to your basement or attic it won’t be long before they make your home their home. Once these animals get inside it can be very hard to get them out. Approaching wild animals by yourself can be very dangerous and you never know which animals carry rabies. Your best bet for dealing with skunk problems in Connecticut is to call on the experts at Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.



Skunks are relatively harmless creatures but they do have the ability to use their noxious scent glands to make any home a foul smelling place. Skunk sprays are notorious for lingering and if you have skunks in your home and they feel threatened, expect a nasty odor to permeate throughout the home. Also, skunks may be carrying rabies making them extremely dangerous to pet dogs and cats since there is no cure for pets that are infected with this virus. Beyond the physical dangers to pets and people, skunks will also waste no time tearing up the interior siding, floorboards and carpet in your home to make nests. This can be very costly in the long run and the sooner you get skunks out of your home the better.



Again, you should never approach a skunk on your own. These wild animals are unpredictable and often travel in groups meaning others could join in the fray if a fight starts. Then it will quite a long time before you can breathe easy in your home. At the first sign of skunks in your home contact a professional animal control service. The longer you wait the more comfortable skunks will get and this will eventually lead to breeding and then you’ve got a major problem on your hands. Once skunks have been removed from your home you next step is to prevent them from coming back. Checking the foundation of your home as well as the roof and making sure there are no openings where skunks can squeeze through is essential.


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