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Squirrel Not Leaving On Its Own?

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Squirrels may be cute and furry creatures but when they get inside your home they can become quite a problem. Squirrels may be carrying rabies and even if they are not rabid, most squirrels will do extensive damage to a home attic, roof and gutter is they are left alone. When the weather gets colder in Connecticut squirrels will look for warm places to live and an open home is a welcome invitation. At Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC we want everyone to be aware of the problems squirrels cause and why you need to keep these critters out of your home.



Squirrels may seem harmless and for the most part they are. However, while squirrels don’t pose a physical threat there is a lot these little critters can do to your home if left alone. Also, some squirrels may be rabid meaning if you have a pet dog or cat they could be at risk for a nasty disease. If you detect squirrels in your home, usually found in the attic and basements, it is important to act quickly to prevent these animals from feeling at home. Squirrels will use their claws and teeth to gnaw through just about anything and your home can be at risk for a lot of damage if enough squirrels get inside. Don’t ever attempt to remove a squirrel on your own. Even if the squirrel is not rabid it may have other diseases that can infect you through scratches and bites and if you are not properly trained you could be in for a fight you want no part of.



Squirrels tend to frighten easy and most want nothing to do with a human. In the animal kingdom size counts for a lot and small squirrels will scurry when a person is around. However, the more time squirrels have to get comfortable in an environment the harder it can be to remove them. If you suspect squirrels have invaded your home the first thing to do is contact a professional animal control expert. Never try to handle a wild animal by yourself. After squirrels have been safely removed from your home your next step is to safeguard your home from future visits. Check the perimeter of your home and try to detect where the squirrels got in. Look at the gutters, roof and attic for holes that are big enough for a squirrel to squirm through and properly seal these entrances.


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