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They Are Cute But Not In Your Home

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As more developments go up around Connecticut, homeowners will notice an increase in wild animals roaming their property. Areas that were once secluded woodlands are now being populated with new homes, golf courses and commercial businesses meaning the critters who once called these places home are forced to move. Therefore it is more common to see squirrels, skunks and raccoons on your lawn, in your garage and scurrying about the attic. Keeping these animals out of your home can be accomplished with a professional animal control expert but you can also help by following a few tips that will keep your home safe.


Eliminate Openings

Skunks, moles and squirrels won’t get in your house if they don’t have access. You may not know it but there are many ways for animals to get into your home including vents, screens and floorboards. In addition, if not checked these animals may create their own entryways by scratching and biting through siding and roof shingles. As a homeowner you need to inspect your home frequently to ensure there are no easy openings for animals to crawl through.


Add Screens to Decks & Porches

Before animals get into your home they often take a pit stop at a deck or porch. Animals can be very clever and by spending some time near the home they can devise ways to gain access. It is quite common to find raccoons, skunks and squirrels under a deck or nesting near a porch and if you notice their presence it won’t be too long before they find their way inside. A good idea is to add durable wire screens around the foundations of decks and porches. Look for screens that are strong enough to deter the claws and bites of small critters and can stand up to foul weather conditions.


No Feeding

Animals will seek out two things: food and shelter. If your home is well screened and has no cracks or crevices for animals to get in then the next step is to eliminate feeding options. Leaving garbage outside overnight, having unprotected gardens and even tossing scraps from a deck are all invitations for skunks, squirrels and raccoons to come over. By fencing your garden, having tight lids on garbage cans and remembering not to throw food on the lawn are all ways you can make your home less attractive for a hungry animal.


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