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Nothing Like Seeing A Raccoon in the Workplace

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In Connecticut it is not surprising to find a squirrel or raccoon hiding in your basement or garage. While the sudden sight may startle you, it is not uncommon and most homeowners are prepared for an unwanted visitor now and again. However, when wild animals seek shelter in a commercial building, such as an office or warehouse, the ramifications can be serious.


Downtown Or Remote Areas Make No Difference

It doesn’t matter if your commercial building is in the middle of downtown Bridgeport or the remote areas of Plainfield, wild animals are everywhere and can find their way into almost any building. Vents, air ducts, garages and windows all provide entrance opportunities for small critters and no matter how well your building is secured, there’s always a time when an opening will occur that a small animal can take advantage of.


Lots Of Places to Hide

When raccoons, skunks and squirrels get into an office, warehouse or manufacturing plant, they have plenty more places to hide than in a home. There is also more chance for these critters to cause damage to machines and equipment as well as bite or scratch staff members. This can lead to a number of problems for your company including liability lawsuits if a worker is harmed by a wild animal. As the owner or manager of the building, it is imperative that you act quickly to control the situation.


Find The Entry Points

The first thing you need to do is determine where the animals are and how they got in. It is best that you contact an animal control specialist who is familiar with the types of animals that are in your building. Trying to handle wild animals on your own can lead to chaotic situations that may involve bites and scratches. If the animals have taken refuge in a specific part of the office, evacuate that area of any staff members and keep it clear until the critters have been removed.

You may need to close parts of the office for a day so the animals can be properly and completely removed. Trying to work around a situation that involves wild animals can be dangerous and again, if your employees are bitten or scratched by a skunk or raccoon you could be looking at a very expensive lawsuit. Take a small loss for the greater good and ensure your staff is safe.

Once the animals have been removed, work with the animal removal team to determine where the critters got in and how you can prevent further intrusions. There may be a crack in a vent or an opening near a gutter and these spaces will need to be repaired quickly to prevent other animals from finding their way in.


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