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Are Squirrels Living In Your Attic?

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Wild animals such as squirrels often look for shelter in houses to keep warm in the winter and raise their young. One location that squirrels often choose is the attic. An attic can provide warmth, protection from rain and snow, and safety from predators. If squirrels are living in the attic of your Connecticut home, you may not see them, but there are other tell-tale signs that can give you clues.



You may not see squirrels in your attic, but you may hear them when you are in the house below. Squirrels are generally active during the day and sleep at night. You will probably hear them moving around at dawn and dusk. Squirrels are fairly large animals, so they will make more noise than rats or mice.



You may smell evidence of squirrels in your attic. Squirrels will leave urine and droppings in the attic that can create a foul odor. If a squirrel dies in the attic, you may smell the decomposing body.

You may also see squirrel droppings in the static. They will have an oblong shape and will be rounded on the ends and 3/8 to ½ inch long. Fresh squirrel droppings are dark brown, and older droppings will be lighter in color.



If you go up to the attic, you may see a squirrel nest. Squirrels make their nests from a variety of materials, such as twigs, pieces of bark, moss, leaves, vines, insulation, paper, and wood. The nests are generally big, loosely constructed, and messy.



Squirrels can chew to get into attics. You may see a small hole that they used as an entry point. Squirrels tend to use high entry points near trees, roofs, and chimneys to get into attics.



If you suspect squirrels are living in your attic but want confirmation, there is an easy way to find out for sure. Put down a piece of cardboard near an area where you believe squirrels are living and sprinkle some flour over it. When squirrels run over the cardboard, they will leave tracks in the flour.

Squirrel tracks look similar to tracks from a rabbit. When squirrels run, their rear feet come up alongside or ahead of the front paws. The rear paws are longer and larger than the front paws and have five toes. The front paws only have four toes.



If you believe you have squirrels in your attic, you should have them removed as quickly as possible. Squirrels can cause a lot of damage by chewing and can create a fire hazard if they chew through electrical wires. Call Anderson Wildlife Control. We will humanely live-trap and relocate the squirrels and seal off the entry points they used to get into your attic. Contact us today for an estimate.


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