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Hearing Sparrows In Your Walls?

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Many species of sparrows live in North America, but the ones that are the most common and most likely to cause problems for humans are house sparrows. These small brown birds live near people, especially in urban areas, because humans provide them with food and shelter.

House sparrows eat food discarded by people, grains, seeds, and insects. They build their nests in vents, attic vent louvers, crevices around air conditioners, and other places. They can be very noisy when they nest in vents and raise their young there. This can be annoying and can also make the vents unusable.


Keep Sparrow Entry Points Covered

The best way to deal with house sparrows is to prevent them from making their nests in your home in the first place. Covers can be installed over vents to keep house sparrows out, and screens can be placed over louvers to exclude them.

If house sparrows have already made their nests in or around your house, you should have them removed so they do not interfere with the functioning of your vents. Nests and young birds can be removed carefully and placed in an alternate location. Screens and covers can be placed over vents to prevent the birds from coming back.


Trust the Professionals

If house sparrows have become a problem at your home, trust the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to help you deal with them. We will trap and relocate the birds to another location so they will not come back and rebuild their nests in your house.

We can also make modifications to your home to prevent other house sparrows from moving in. We can install covers over vents so that you will not have this problem again in the future.

We do not use poisons to deal with house sparrows. Our methods are humane and environmentally friendly. We will relocate the birds to another site, but none will be harmed in the process. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control today for an estimate to deal with your house sparrow problem.


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