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Squirrels In Your Basement?

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During the fall and winter, many animals, including squirrels, look for warm places to make their dens. Squirrels often seek out shelter from cold temperatures and snow inside people’s homes. They can get into basements, make nests, and cause damage and a mess.



Squirrels can get into your house by finding a gap in the siding and chewing or squeezing their way through. They can tear off a piece of siding to gain access to the inside of a house.

Squirrels in a basement can destroy your possessions and cause significant damage to your home’s interior. They can chew through boxes and their contents in their search for food. Squirrels have been known to chew through metal pipes to find water. They can cause your pipes to burst and flood your basement. They can also chew through electrical wires, which can start a fire in your house. Squirrels can leave urine and droppings that can create a mess and a foul smell.



If squirrels have gotten into the basement in your Connecticut home, you should have them removed as soon as possible. Squirrels can cause extensive and costly damage in a short amount of time. The longer you wait, the more destruction they can cause.

Squirrels in the basement need to be trapped so they can be removed, but you should not try to do that yourself. Squirrels can bite if they feel threatened, and they can carry diseases.

If squirrels are living in the basement of your Connecticut home, call Anderson Wildlife Control. We will live-trap them and relocate them to another place far enough away from your home that they will not come back. We use humane, environmentally friendly methods to remove squirrels. We never use poisons or pesticides.

We can also find the entry point that the squirrels used to get into your house and seal it off to prevent other animals from getting into your basement in the future. We can repair any damage the squirrels caused to your siding or other parts of your house.

If squirrels have gotten into your basement, don’t wait to take action. The longer you wait, the more damage they can cause. Call Anderson Wildlife Control today to get a quote for squirrel removal in Connecticut.


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