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Squirrels Are Cute But Can Cause Problems

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Out in the wild squirrels look cute and harmless. Hiker and nature lovers enjoy watching these bushy-tailed animals scatter among trees looking for nuts and can’t understand why anyone would consider these animals a problem.


Squirrels Can Be A Nuisance

However, when you are a homeowner you know squirrels to be noisy, foul smelling and destructive rodents that can scratch and bite when it feels threatened. When squirrels are outside of a home they don’t pose any problems, but when they get inside a garage, basement or attic then the trouble starts.

Squirrels get into Connecticut homes through existing gaps including unscreened vents, holes made by birds and holes they create themselves by gnawing through. They often get in through holes in roofs and vents and access these higher points by leaping from trees and connecting cables and wires. The reason squirrels enter your home is for food, safety and shelter. When the weather turns cold, a warm home is much better than taking a chance outside.


Squirrels Love To Make Messes

Once inside your home, squirrels immediately get to work making a mess of things. Being rodents, squirrels are known for chewing to keep their teeth worn down. They will chew on just about anything including plastic pipes, vents, wires, wood and siding. This can cause a number of problems because chewed plastic pipes can easily cause flooding and bigger holes in vents invite other animals in as well.

In addition to be being messy and annoying, squirrels are also potentially dangerous in they may be carrying rabies. Squirrels may also be infested with fleas and ticks. This can be a serious problem if you have a pet dog or cat and they get into a fight. While squirrels are not known for being aggressive towards humans, they will scratch and bite if they feel threatened.


Contact professionals

If you have squirrels in your Connecticut home it is imperative that you contact Anderson Wildlife Control as soon as possible. We offer effective and humane squirrel removal methods that will clear your home of these critters and keep others from getting inside.


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