baby raccoon playing in a pile of garbage

Raccoons Enter Homes For A Reason

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There are many small critters in Connecticut that will try to enter your home. It could be small squirrels getting into your attic from the roof or skunks making their way into a garage to seek protection from the winter cold. One animal you certainly don’t want nearing your home are raccoons. Though small these critters can be quite vicious when encountering humans and are also known carriers or rabies. First, let’s take a look at why raccoons seek out homes.



Like other small creatures, the sight of a home is a potential shelter. When the weather turns cold in Connecticut it is not unusual to see small animals scurry for warmth in shed, garage or attic. Raccoons are no different and if the weather is cold, rainy or even snowing they will do what they can to stay warm and dry.

Another attraction about homes is the garbage that is left outside. Most homeowners will have a particular trash day and will put their garbage out the night before. If the trash cans do not have tops or secure locking mechanisms it is very easy for a gang of raccoons to get inside and help themselves to your leftovers.

If raccoons can’t find trash cans at your house their next step will be to seek out food you leave outside for a pet dog or cat. Again, since raccoons are known to carry rabies and will attack if threatened it is advised not to keep your pet’s food outside since this can easily lead to an encounter that will not end well.



There are several steps you can take as a homeowners to keep raccoons away from you home. First, keep pet food inside and try not to leave trash out over night. The less food you have available the less chance you will see raccoons on your property. Reinforce potential entrances to your home. Raccoons, like other small critters, will tear at screen doors and windows, use roof vents and scurry under decks to find a way into your home. The more secure these areas are the less chance a raccoon will have of penetrating your home walls.

If raccoons are getting close to your home, or if some have already gotten inside it is time to call for professional help. Never try to handle a wild animal on your own.


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