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If It Is Cold To You It Is Cold To Animals

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Winter can be very cold and harsh time in Connecticut. From heavy snow fall to frigid temperatures, the winter season is one best enjoyed from inside the cozy confines of a warm home. Though toughened up to life outdoors, even wild animals will seek shelter during the cold winter months and an open home or office is an invitation for squirrels, raccoons and skunks to borough in to escape the cold. Wild animals in your home or office present a number of problems and if you are concerned that you have animal problems it’s time to call Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.


Obvious Problems With Wild Animals Mixing With Humans

Let’s start with the obvious problem; wild animals in your home are dangerous. Squirrels, raccoons and skunks may not be big but each is capable of carrying rabies and other diseases and if one should scratch, claw or bite you it can lead to a serious infection. Children and pets are particularly at risk for bad encounters with these critters and the best prevention is to not have any contact with them. While these types of animals are rarely the aggressors, they will defend their territory if they feel threatened and the longer they remain in your home the more they will come to view it as theirs.

Remember that small critters are quite clever and will use any means necessary to enter a warm home or office in the winter. From crevices in the floorboards to openings in the roof and gutter, squirrels and raccoons will find an opening if it exists. As a homeowner or building manager it is in your best interest to inspect your roof and foundation throughout the year to ensure there are no easy openings for a small animal to use as an entrance. Shoring up any weaknesses will help prevent wild animals from finding a way into your home.


They Love To Make Messes

Another problem with squirrels, raccoons and skunks in your home or office is the incredible mess they can cause. When these animals make a basement or attic their home they will quickly tear up paneling, carpet, wood floors and walls. If comfortable enough some animals may choose to mate in your home or office and give birth to their young. This will cause even more of a problem when you try to remove them since they will become more territorial and defensive.


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