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Groundhog Problems In Cheshire?

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Groundhogs, or woodchucks, are often considered pests because they dig burrows and eat crops in gardens. They excavate and dig tunnels that may stretch as long as 50 feet and may have up to five entrances. Woodchucks can move more than 700 pounds of dirt to dig their burrows. The burrows are used for living, hibernating, and raising young.


Be Careful Of Burrows

Burrows are problematic because they can cause people or animals to trip and fall, which can lead to injuries. If a woodchuck digs under a house or deck, the removal of soil can undermine the structure’s foundation.

Woodchucks eat many types of vegetation, including grasses, berries, and plants that people grow in gardens. They also eat nuts; insects such as grubs, snails, and beetles; and occasionally small mammals.


Groundhogs Prefer Open Spaces

Groundhogs prefer to live in open spaces with access to lots of vegetation and other food. They prefer areas with soft ground to dig dens and burrows.

Woodchucks do not carry any diseases that can be passed readily to humans. However, like all wild animals, they can carry parasites such as worms, fleas, and ticks that can infect pets.

If there is a groundhog living on your property and you block off the holes in the burrows, the groundhog will simply dig them again. Many people try repellents, such as mothballs or fox or coyote urine, but these are ineffective.


Contact The Professionals

If a woodchuck has caused problems by digging burrows or eating plants in your garden in Cheshire, Connecticut, the best solution is to have it trapped and moved to another location far enough from your home that it won’t return. Don’t try to do this yourself. It is better to rely on trained wildlife removal professionals such as Anderson Wildlife Control. We will use humane, environmentally friendly methods to trap the groundhog and remove it from your property to prevent further damage.


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