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Skunk Problems In Cheshire?

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Skunks are notorious for the pungent smell they create when they spray. Skunks are not aggressive animals, but they will spray if they feel threatened. Anyone who has ever been sprayed or has had a pet get sprayed by a skunk knows the odor can be difficult to remove from clothing and pets.


Don’t Try Removing Skunks Yourself

If you have a¬†problem with a skunk at your Cheshire home, don’t try to take matters into your own hands. If you corner a skunk and it gets scared, chances are it will spray you. It will also spray a curious pet that sees it and decides to investigate further. Contact the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to have a skunk removed from your yard.

We will use humane and environmentally friendly methods to trap the skunk and remove it from your Cheshire property. We will relocate it to another location far from your home so that you will not have to worry about it returning and becoming a nuisance again. We have the knowledge and experience to accomplish this in a way that will not harm the skunk and will not make it feel threatened and spray.


Keep Food and Garbage Sealed Tight

Skunks are attracted to areas where food is readily available. If you leave pet food or trash outside overnight, a skunk will be drawn to it and keep coming back for more. Keeping pet food and trash indoors can make your home less appealing to skunks.


Contact Us To Help Remove Problem Skunks

Once a skunk finds a place that it considers a suitable home, it will create a nest, and a female will likely give birth. If a skunk has made its home on your Cheshire property, it will be reluctant to leave on its own, especially if it is caring for babies. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control to discuss how we can help you rid your property of skunks before you or your pet gets sprayed.


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