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People enjoy Connecticut for its scenic shoreline, rustic interior and close proximity to major cities including New York and Boston. What residents and business owners don’t enjoy is the abundance of pesky and annoying critters that inhabit most of the state. While we are spared the danger of grizzly bears, Bengal tigers and 20’ python snakes, the meddlesome nature of squirrels, raccoons and skunks can drive many homeowners to extreme measures.

At Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC we have over 20 years experience helping Connecticut homeowners and business owners keep their property free of pesky critters that are known for causing damage to buildings and making a mess of attics, basements and other rooms. Our professional and humane animal removal services are effective and affordable.

We handle many types of pesky critters but the majority of our work centers around the big three of skunks, squirrels and raccoons.



Easily recognizable by their distinct black and white coloring, these mammals are particularly known for their defense mechanism that consists of spraying a liquid with a strong odor. Though not very bug and rarely aggressive, skunks use their noxious smelling spray to ward off predators and people that get too close for their liking. If a skunk gets in your home it can be a very tricky situation trying to remove him. We strongly recommend not trying to handle a skunk on your own. The slightest scare can cause these animals to spray and getting rid of the smell can take a long time.



This medium-sized mammal native to North America is recognized by its grey and black striped tail and black fur around the eyes. Raccoons are mostly nocturnal and many residents in Connecticut are first introduced to this critter by having their garbage ravaged by a pack of them. Though not big in size, raccoons are capable of carrying rabies which makes them particularly around homes with pets. Raccoons can be bold in their behavior at times and have no trouble freely entering a home or office building.



This small rodent is marked by its bushy tail and grey fur. Like raccoons, squirrels are also known for carrying rabies and must be considered dangerous if you come into contact with one. Often found in trees squirrels will use branches as a bridge to a home or building rooftop where they can then gain access to the inside via vents, holes in the shingles and even the gutters. Squirrels will often seek shelter in a home attic during the winter to escape the cold and will cause many problems due to their penchant for scratching and gnawing at wood floors and walls.

If your home or business in Connecticut shows signs of these critters being present, don’t hesitate to call Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC. Trying to remove these animals on your own can be dangerous and also cause quite a mess. We have over 20 years experience safely removing squirrels, raccoons and skunks from Connecticut homes and businesses and can help you evict these pesky critters and keep them from coming back.


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