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Wildlife Removal Services in Fairfield, CT

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Located just west of Bridgeport and east of Westport on the Connecticut shoreline is the town of Fairfield. A picturesque city with a population just over 57,000 Fairfield is home to Fairfield University and the Fairfield Museum & History Center. Due to its close proximity to major roadways, Metro North and Amtrak railroads and major cities including New York and Boston makes Fairfield an ideal place to live and work. However, if your home or office is constantly being invaded by small critters such as squirrels, skunks and raccoons it’s time to call on the humane animal removal services of Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.



Living in Fairfield offers plenty of recreational activities, safe neighborhoods and a great school system. But the area also has its share of local hazards, mostly in the form or small but annoying critters. Because of its location on the shoreline and heavily wooded suburbs, Fairfield is home to many squirrels, skunks, raccoons and other small animals that can damage a home quickly if you are not careful. Burrowing under a deck, climbing up to a roof and scratching away at siding are a few ways animals will try to get into your home and once inside it can be very hard to get rid of some animals. While most small animals are relatively harmless they can carry rabies and will bite if threatened so don’t try to evict these animals on your own. Do your best to block off the section of the home where you found the animal and call Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC for prompt and effective animal removal.



Skunks and squirrels aren’t just interested in residential property. They are also quire found of commercial property and won’t hesitate to make a home out of an office, warehouse or parking garage if they find quiet space where they can nest. Animals enjoy commercial buildings because most are closed after 5pm which means they have the whole place to themselves at night. If you are in charge of maintenance on a commercial building in Fairfield and notice signs that skunks, raccoons and other critters are present it is imperative that you take action before someone gets bitten and a lawsuit is filed. For over 20 years Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC has been helping commercial building owners rid their property of unwanted critters and our humane methods are both affordable and effective.


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