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Hamden is a growing city of just over 56,000 residents. North of New Haven, Hamden enjoys plenty of wooded areas which makes for nice scenery but also means a lot of squirrels, raccoons and skunks. If you own a home or commercial building in Hamden and are finding unwanted critters on your property or in your dwelling don’t wait, contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC. Though these small animals may not seem dangerous, raccoons and skunks are known to carry rabies and if left unchecked they will have no trouble making your home or building their own nesting place. We provide safe, humane and effective animal removal so you won’t feel bad about evicting these uninvited guests.



Skunks not only pose a smelly threat but are also known to be rabid. Though skunks rarely pose a risk to humans they can be a big problem if you own a dog or cat. Pets are very curious about smaller animals and an encounter with a skunk can lead to an awful spray or a bite that will lead to a rabies infection. Skunks are also known to borough under decks and if you don’t take care of the problem immediately they will feel at ease on your property and may even mate. At Anderson Wildlife Control we have over 19 years experience dealing with skunks and can provide safe live-trapping that doesn’t require any pesticides or chemicals. After humanely¬†removing skunks, we can also protect your property with deck and shed screening that will deter other skunks from making your property their home.



Another small animal that is common in Hamden are raccoons. Known for their distinctive black fur facial mask, grayish coat and striped tail these critters are notorious for getting into trash cans, compost heaps and gardens and making a mess. Raccoons are also known to carry rabies which makes them a threat to your pets. Once thought to be solitary creatures, new studies indicate social patterns with raccoons that mean if you see one chances are there are more lurking around. Keep your Hamden home or commercial property free of bothersome raccoons with the effective pest removal services of Anderson Wildlife Control.


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