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Pest Control Services in Meriden, CT

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The growing city of Meriden now consists of over 60,000 residents. Even with the increase in population, Meriden is still home to beautiful natural scenery including Hubbard Park, the Quinnipiac River, the Meriden Linear Trail and Hanging Hills. Because of its wildlife preservation, Meriden is home to many small animals including skunks, squirrels, raccoon and beavers. While these critters often keep to themselves and avoid any contact with humans, it’s not uncommon to find them on your property especially if your home or office is near a wooded area. If you notice raccoons and skunks making frequent appearances, contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.



Unlike some pest control services that use harmful pesticides and chemicals, we provide 100% green solutions that include safe, live-trapping and the humane removal of squirrels, skunks and bats from your property. We don’t want to harm any animals but we know how bothersome they can be and simply evicting these pests from your property is usually all that’s required. If the process involves any damage to your home or property we offer full service repairs and can also construct preventing deck and shed screening to ensure new critters won’t follow. Most of the animals we remove get the point the first time and will remember not to try making a home of your property.



With over 19 years experience we’ve seen just about everything Connecticut has to offer when it comes to wildlife. Our expert removal services include squirrels, skunks, raccoons, beavers, birds, bats, opossums and moles. Though these animals rarely pose a threat to humans they are well known for making themselves at home on your property and damaging decks, basements, attics and sheds. If you don’t take action fast, squirrels and raccoons will start to breed and soon your home or office will feel more like Wild Kingdom then the safe place you want it to be. When you notice unwanted critters on your residential or commercial property in Meriden, contact Anderson Wildlife Control for fast and effective animal removal.


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