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Just west of Waterbury is the picturesque town of Middlebury. Known for the popular Quassy Amusement Park and Lake Quassapaug, Middlebury is a terrific place to raise a family. However, with the beautiful scenery comes plenty of active wildlife including beavers, skunks, squirrels and raccoons. While these animals are not known for violent behavior they can easily invade a home or office and make a mess of attics, basements, storage rooms and other areas. Skunks can be particularly difficult since they have the ability to unleash a noxious odor that is very difficult to get rid of. If you have pesky critters nosing around your home or workplace, contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC today.



Because Middlebury has a large lake and water amusement park it’s not uncommon to have beavers lurking around homes and offices. Beavers prefer water but if they can find a safe and comfortable place in a residential or commercial building they will not hesitate to crawl their way in. Beavers are not known for being violent but like any animal they can be aggressive if they feel threatened. If you have small children or pets it can present a dangerous situation. To keep your home or office free of beavers call a professional animal control expert.



While beavers are typically shy and timid they will protect what they consider their territory. Most often beavers will not stray from water but if you have a pond or stream on your property there is a chance beavers can make a home on your land. Beavers will usually sound a warning by slapping their tails on the water to frighten other animals away and if you notice a beaver doing this it is your sign to keep a safe distance. Beavers will rarely go after humans but small children and pets can be seen as a threat and the experience of a beaver attack can be traumatic to a young child.

If you have beavers lurking around you home or office, contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.


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