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Squirrels Bothering Your Home in Milford?

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Squirrels are often a nuisance for homeowners in Milford, Connecticut. They frequently chew and claw their way into attics, where they build nests, give birth, and leave waste. Squirrels can cause significant damage to homes. They are often not noticed until homeowners hear noises or see damage in the attic.


They Have Few Natural Predators

Squirrels are abundant because they have few natural predators. Because of the large population and construction in many areas, they often seek out shelter in the safety of houses. This is especially common in the cold fall and winter months. Tree squirrels are the species that most often cause problems for Milford homeowners.

There are several steps you can take to keep squirrels from getting into your attic. You can remove any sources of food, such as bird seed, from near your home. Installing gutter guards and covering downspouts can keep squirrels from getting into your attic through the roof.


If They Are In, Have Them Removed ASAP

If squirrels are already in your attic, you should have them removed as soon as possible. If you allow them to continue to live there, they will undoubtedly cause damage to your attic. The repairs can be extensive and costly.

The most humane and effective way to deal with squirrels in an attic is to live-trap and relocate them. The traps should be placed near entry points and baited with food. After the squirrels have been trapped, they can be released to another location several miles away to prevent them from coming back.


Contact The Professionals To Help

Don’t try to trap squirrels yourself. They can bite if they feel threatened and cause serious injuries. Trust the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to handle your squirrel problem. We will place traps in your attic to capture the squirrels and relocate them. We will then seal off the entry points they used to get in to keep other squirrels from getting into your attic. Contact us today for a quote.


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