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Located just south of Waterbury on Rt. 8 is the town of Naugatuck. Spanning both sides of the Naugatuck River, the town has a population just over 30,000 and includes the communities of Union City, Straitsville and Millville. Because of the river and woodlands that define Naugatuck there are many small critters roaming around these parts and if you own a home or commercial building in the area you will want to keep an eye out for common pests including beavers, skunks, raccoons and squirrels. If you are having problems with animals rummaging through your garbage, making nests in your attic or chewing holes in your walls contact the animal removal specialists at Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC.



Like most of Connecticut, Naugatuck features beautiful natural wooded scenery that is home to plenty of wildlife. Squirrels, raccoons and skunks are prevalent in the Naugatuck region and because of the river that runs through the town it’s also common to see beavers and water rats. As the town continues to develop and construction infringes on the natural habitats of these wild animals it is only natural that some will be displaced and this may lead to unwanted critters showing up in your home or commercial building. Areas where you are likely to find skunks, bats and groundhogs include underneath decks and patios, in basements and attics, around garages and outdoor sheds and other places that are dark and quiet.



While most small critters don’t pose much of a threat to people they can be harmful to pets and may also cause significant damage to a home or commercial building. Skunks and raccoons are known for carrying rabies and if you have a pet dog or cat it may come into contact with a rabid animal and be bitten or scratched. Squirrels and other critters are also well known for leaving behind a mess after nesting in a particular area for a period of time and cleaning up can be a hassle. If you live or work in Naugatuck and notice frequent appearances by small critters such as groundhogs and skunks, contact the animal control specialists at Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC. In addition to safely and humanely evicting annoying pests from your property we can also repair any damage done by the animals and institute preventive measures including deck and shed screening that will deter other animals from getting into your home or office.


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