The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Woodchucks

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Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, can be problematic for humans. The rodents like to eat vegetables that people work hard to plant in their gardens. They also dig burrows and leave holes and mounds in the ground. Woodchuck burrows can cause humans or pets to trip and possibly become injured. The mounds can also damage farming or lawn equipment that is passed over them.


Have It Removed and Relocated

If a groundhog is causing problems on your North Haven, Connecticut property, your best option is to have it removed and relocated. Anderson Wildlife Control has the experience and expertise to humanely trap and relocate a woodchuck to another location where it will no longer be a nuisance. We do not use poisons, pesticides, or chemicals to remove wildlife, so there is no danger to the groundhog or the environment. We will set traps and then transport the animal to an alternate site far enough away from your home that it should not return.


Small Window Of Opportunity For Relocation

Breeding female groundhogs have babies in their burrows from late winter until spring or early summer. It is inhumane to relocate the animals when the young are in the burrows and reliant on their mother. If you wait until later in the year, the woodchucks might be getting ready to settle in for the winter and hibernate. You therefore have a relatively small window of opportunity from mid to late summer to have them relocated from your yard to another location.


Contact The Professionals

You should not try to trap and relocate a woodchuck or any other wild animal yourself. You could get injured, or you might not trap all of the babies, if there are any. Trust the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to remove woodchucks that are causing a nuisance from your North Haven property.


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