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Humane Wildlife Removal is the Only Way in Prospect

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Homeowners who have had wild animals take up residence in their houses know the damage they can cause. Skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and bats can chew through walls and roofs, damage gutters, and make their nests in chimneys and attics. They can also contaminate the house with their waste, causing odors and potentially spreading disease.


Do You Have a Wildlife Problem In Prospect?

If you have a wildlife problem at your Prospect, Connecticut home, contact the experts at Anderson Wildlife Control. We can remove the animals safely and humanely, repair the damage they have caused, and prevent them from coming back.

We use green wildlife removal methods that do not pose a risk to either the animals or the environment. We will live-trap the animals and relocate them to another area, except when we are prohibited from doing so by Connecticut law. We do not rely on poisons, pesticides, or chemicals to remove animals. We will not harm the animals we capture, and our methods do not create any risks for pets or people.


We Can Figure Out The Why’s and How’s

We can figure out how the animals got into your home in the first place and take measures to keep them, or others, from entering in the future. We can also fix the damage they have caused. Anderson Wildlife Control can repair your aluminum siding and vinyl soffits, re-hang gutters that animals have pulled or knocked down, cap your chimney, seal other possible entry points, and do any other necessary preventative carpentry work so that you will not have a wildlife problem in the future.


Call The Professionals

If you are experiencing a problem with squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, or other wild animals at your Prospect home, take action now, before they cause serious damage. Call the professionals at Anderson Wildlife Control to find out how we can safely and humanely remove the animals, repair the damage they have caused, and keep them from coming back.


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