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Even though West Haven, CT is a growing city with a population just over 55,000 residents, there are still plenty of small critters lurking around this scenic shoreline town. Skunks, birds, squirrels and raccoons are just a few of the small animals you may encounter if you own a home or business in West Haven and if it’s more than a one-time sighting you may need to contact a professional to help remove the animals from your property. It is strongly recommended that you never handle a wild animal yourself, no matter how small it is, and seek assistance if a small critter is making himself at home in your house or on your property.



Although skunks are relatively harmless, having them in your home or on your property can be dangerous. Though a skunk is unlikely to bite a human they are known to fight with pet dogs and cats and if they are carrying rabies may infect your pet. Skunks are also well known for using their powerful scent glands to ward off perceived threats and this odor can be hard to mask. Skunks usually try to nest underneath decks or in an attic where it is quiet and dark. If you find skunks in your home do not try to catch it. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC for quick and humane skunk removal.



At Anderson Wildlife Control, LLC we have years of experience helping homeowners and business owners in West Haven humanely rid their property of many small critters including skunks, raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels, moles, woodchucks and beavers. Knowing how to effectively and safely trap these animals and remove them from your property it what we do best and we also help install preventive measures including deck and patio screening to keep animals from returning. If you are having trouble with wild animals in your home or office contact us today.


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