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How to get Tree Squirrels Out of Your Chimney

If you have tree squirrels in your chimney, removing them safely and humanely is important. Here are some steps you can follow: Immediate Actions Close the Damper: If your chimney has a damper, close it to prevent the squirrels from entering your home. Inspect from a Safe Distance: Carefully observe from a distance to confirm…

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Unwanted Guests: Identifying Common Wildlife Species in Your Home

Having wildlife take up residence in your home can be both unsettling and potentially hazardous. As a reputable wildlife removal company, we understand the importance of accurately identifying the species causing the intrusion. In this post, we’ll discuss how to recognize signs of wildlife presence, understand the habits and behaviors of different species, and why…

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Live Trapping Techniques

When wild animals cause property damage, homeowners are usually eager to have the creatures removed from their yards. Live trapping techniques are effective and humane ways to deal with the problem wildlife. Overview of Humane Live Trapping Humane live trapping methods are intended to keep animals safe and healthy and to prevent harm to pets…

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